I cannot make phone calls today

Cannot make inbound or outbound calls on Ooma device. I cannot even call customer service to see what the problem is. :exclamation:

Can someone help my business get this fixed?

Me too. Can’t make ingoing or outgoing calls. Chat feature disconnected me right away.

Same issue-incoming calls receive a fast busy signal from a landline and call failed from iOS cell phones. No outgoing calls can be made yet the OOMA box shows all blue lights as if it is working fine. :cry:

We are experiencing the same problem. This is the third times over the last week. It is really hurting our business!!!
Outages last 2-3 hours during the busiest time when we were expecting many inbound phone calls.
I think their infrastructure is insufficient to support their growth. They need to fix this soon or else, I will be forced to switch to other vendors.

samhua1, are you experiencing calling problems as of the time of your post or earlier today?