How about Really Living up to the On Hold Music Claim

Here’s a suggestion, either stop calling it On Hold Music, or make On Hold Music really work with the “HOLD” button.

Not ONE of my phones, wireless or old fashioned wired, plays music while “On Hold”.

I contacted online chat Support, thinking it had to do with corruption in the mp3 file (it wouldn’t even play on the preference page). Support uploaded my mp3 file, and although the preference page would now play the music, I still couldn’t get it to work on my phones. They suggested I call the support phone number.

Instead, I did a google search. The first result was from last MAY! It said the fix was to use the FLASH button instead. REALLY GUYS? This is a solution?

The FLASH button on phones work QUITE DIFFERENTLY from the HOLD button. Most importantly, the HOLD button notifies the phone’s user that there is someone waiting for them by blinking lights and/or making sounds. Pressing the FLASH button, puts the caller in la la land and the phone’s user has really no way of knowing someone is sitting out in FLASH land.

Geeeeee… Search for Ooma Office online and every site boasts ON HOLD MUSIC EVEN WHEN IT DOESN’T WORK!

I love my Ooma core system, but this Office System is swinging and missing left and right. On-Hold music, just doesn’t work as claimed. Virtual Receptionist, good in theory not so in practice (only 1 level of VR menus, can’t turn VR off during certain hours…). Voice Recordings are horrible on both outgoing and incoming messages, and last but not least, your number is dropped from the local phone books unless you pay for advertising (to be fair, I knew that before I bought).

Everything that lured me to buy Ooma Office is turning out to be a major disappointment and my user experience is filled with hokey patches and work-arounds. You can do better Ooma.

I was all set to get it for my business but something told me to hold on for a year until all the kinks are worked out.
In theory it sounds excellent but same as the HD2 handset, there are bugs to be worked out.

I guess its a chance we take when buying anything new, my Mercedes has been in for service non stop. That will teach me to buy a new model. From here on it I wait a year whenever new items come out. I figure that I’ll let other people work out the kinks first.

Ohhhh… the bleeding edge! Some of us keep falling in to it.

Hmmm, I for one hate on-line hold music. Some is so loud, you have to suddenly move the phone an arms length away or set it down on speaker phone. My Dr’s office plays the sickest peppy opera music that raises your blood pressure instantly, other times I have someone here with me and we are trying to have a discussion while I’m on hold and personally I prefer the once in awhile recording telling you a message that you are still on hold.


On hold music doesn’t have to be music. I was thinking of hiring voice talent to record something, but if it doesn’t work…

Just chatted with support:

Elinor: Thank you for your question, one moment while I access that information. Please ask us about the Linx device which allows you to wirelessly connect additional telephones or a fax machine to your Ooma Telo!
Elinor: Let me assist you with your concern.
Elinor: Let me check that for you Steve.
You: Been fighting with setting up Ooma office the last few days. On Hold only works when you press the FLASH button on most phones. I’ve tried Sony, Panasonic no success.
You: wired, wireless
Elinor: Any regular DECT 6.0 phones, wired or wireless.

Can anyone confirm that a DECT 6.0 phone works?

The ones I like best are the ones that try to do their own thing. I just love listening to a radio half tuned off-station. It’s so soothing.