I’ve been a loyal Ooma Premiere Customer for a couple of years but I’m not renewing my service with Ooma. I have called Ooma’s horrible outsourced Customer Service whereby English is the 2nd language. I can get no help.

I have now for months been trying to get Ooma Customer Care to fix my 2nd line. Ooma Customer Care has never taken any effort to remedy the problem. In fact, I called again today Customer Care 1/3/2014 and I ask if they can remedy this continuing problem, then again I’m asked by the Customer Service representative what I want them to do! I told the rep to fix it. Then the rep says he’s noted I’m not renewing my Premiere Service and that the service will just turn off in a few days.

I can’t believe it. I just hung up in total dismay. Is Ooma trying to go out of business? I tried calling Ooma’s executive management in California and after 10 minutes I gave up. I pressed O for the operator to get a message to leave a message and they would call back.

you posted in the ooma office section. Don’t know if anyone reads this forum here. Don’t believe anyone at ooma reads at least. Sorry for your bad experience. I’ve posted a few rants about my new experience with ooma office, but don’t think anyone reads it.

good luck with your phone endeavors.

After spending over 1 hour trying to reach help at Ooma I decided to just port my numbers to a competitor of Ooma’s.
I sure will never ever recommend or utilize a service who will not support their customers. Customer Service

What was your issue?

Simply to get Ooma to fix my 2nd line (Ooma Premiere). Multi-ring does not work, even adjusted number of rings, everything goes to voice mail. I called Customer Service for months now, I get a Customer Service Rep in a foreign country whose understanding of English as a 2nd language is difficult at most. I called Customer Service today, get another rep. he asks me what I want to do! I told him fix the dam 2nd line, then he tells me my Premiere Service is going to end in a few days. I just hung up. I called Ooma in California trying to get an executive or local customer service rep and spent an hour not finding or reaching anyone. Im just porting my numbers to another competitor. This is the worse customer service Ive ever seen.

Maybe be too late now but if multi-ring goes to VM right away, most likely cell phone is turned off or something where cell phone VM is picking up right away. To prevent this from happening, use the “requre key press” option when doing multi-ring or call forward.

See https://www.ooma.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=16882. In order for me to locate your account and review the support tickets, please update your forum email address to match the one on your Ooma account.