Home activation fail - duplicated activation code

Setting up new-in-box Home Ooma: First page (Step 1) of registration fails due to device (code on bottom of new device) already having been activated. Error code suggests phone support but there is no solution to activating a previously registered device. I have to return the purchase for replacement (Best Buy, no problem).
I suggest the fault is another buyer at his install keyed in an incorrect code (mine) instead of his own - and his install failed when he could not connect his device to Ooma because his device code was not on-line waiting for him. HOWEVER, his null activation prevents a new owner (me) from activating my device. Phone help indicated the original activation was complete according to their screen but could not tell whether the station was connected. The result is that Best Buy is returning my original package to Ooma for credit. My replacement (the last one on the store shelf) is up and running.
Solution: Ooma should delete new accounts which do not get completed through pairing and device boot-up (a reasonable time being 1 hour), sending an email to that owner (noting the activation code attempted) to re-start the activation process again.