HD2 Handset Issues (not yet supported on Office)

It took me a while to get it hooked up, for all of you looking how to do so, you click “Menu” → “About handset” and note the “Device ID”, then you can select “Ooma Linx” in extensions (since HD2 Handset is not available most of the time) and type in the device id. Don’t use numpad, because it won’t accept it… :smiley:

Here’s the list of problems I noted with my HD2 Handset with Ooma Office :angry:

  1. Voicemail soft key does nothing.
  2. If I click Menu → Voicemail, it hangs for a while, then it does nothing again.
  3. There is no missed calls indicator.
  4. There is no voicemails indicator.
  5. I don’t know what Sync config is, it says “Sync requested”, but I’ve no idea what it means…
  6. Similarly, if you go to “Menu” → “Phonebook” → “Options” → “Sync phonebook” → “Select” - it says “Sync requested”.
  7. Call logs does not log anything.
  8. Using in call buttons has “Mute” but no “Hold” options. It would be nice to have a “Hold” button (i.e. clicking * would put the person on hold). It takes five clicks to put phone on hold. “Options” → “Down” → “Down” → “Down” → “Select”. It’s weird when you tell someone to please hold, and then take another 10 seconds to actually put them on hold.

The HD2 handset is not yet supported by the Office. Only the Linx is supported.

Okay. By “not yet” - do you know if this means it will be soon supported, or are we talking a year or longer?

I have no way of knowing the answer to that question.

Haha, sorry - you have so many posts I thought you were in PIC :wink:

I finally got the Office to register the HD2 handset and added the HD2 as an extension. It actually works like a Linx extension.

The menu of the HD2 handset is actually designed for the Telo, so it’s expected that the majority of the functions are not working at this moment with the Office. I’m actually surprised that I got the HD2 to work at all, which tells me that Ooma has updated its firmware and are working on the “problems” you listed.


  1. I spoke to a client yesterday. Client hung up, I just put the phone away. Today I saw the display indicating that we are still on the phone for the past 9 hours. :slight_smile:

P.S. I still understand this is not supported on Office - just letting you know that this happens.

So the call timer is did not turn off and froze the HD handset? Can you still use the HD handset to make/receive calls or is it frozen and requires a reboot? I’m not at work to test this.

Oh no, it’s probably just the timer. I’m not sure if I can check the usage on Ooma’s call logs or anything (I guess it doesn’t matter if it’s domestic), but I did not have to reset anything. I clicked call end and was able to receive additional phone calls.


I chatted w/support on this and they were very short and uninformative! :cry:

Any updates from anywhere on this topic yet?


Well, almost two years later and apparently it’s still not supported. Odd.

I am guessing that it is unlikely all of the Telo accessories will be supported by Office. For example, the Ooma Safety Phone is geared more toward residential use.

see https://www.ooma.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=18860