Has Ooma's Database Been Hacked?

I have two non-published numbers, with Ooma. I have been receiving multiple calls lately, from SCAM telemarketers. Today, I received a call from 860-540-6999 on my primary number. I answered and immediately hung up. As soon as I hung up, the same number called my second non-published number. This is more than a coincidence.

So, since Ooma is the ONLY place that I have both numbers listed or shared, my strong belief is that Ooma’s database has been hacked. If that hasn’t happened, has Ooma sold the database? I sincerely hope the second option is not true.

Has this happened to others?

If the numbers are sequential, it is likely a robocaller. I have two unpublished numbers, too. One is twenty years old and the other is thirty years old. I still receive calls once and a while.