Handset Too Loud With AT&T ML17929

My Ooma Office sales rep recommended the AT&T ML17929 phone for use with my new Ooma service. I love the look and features, but the handset is EXTREMELY loud and distorted with the handset volume on the phone at its lowest setting. The volume is annoyingly loud and distorted in my ear and my voice is loud and slightly distorted to the person on the other end. The other person’s voice sounds fine in my handset. Only my voice is too loud.

Has anyone else had this problem with this phone or any other phone. I swapped out the AT&T phone for a cheap VTech cordless and it works fine. But I need a more functional and professional looking phone for my office.

Any help would be appreciated.

Not sure about this model but ML17939 did not pass the HD sound test. Take a look at this thread for your consideration.

I have a huge volume problem talking to anyone with an Ooma account. The phone brand does not matter. Whether I call them or they call me, the volume is off the charts. The sad thing is I have no choice but to turn my phone down and then when another call is made or answered, I have to put the volume back where it is happy again in order to hear that call.

It also does not matter if I am using an Ooma handset or one of my Panasonic handsets. The volume is just loud when the call is to or from an Ooma user.