Handset for Ooma + Second (Other) VOIP Service

Hello all,

I just opened a solo practice and I’m leasing office space from a company that offers a free VOIP line with Company X and a receptionist to answer my incoming calls. The catch is that the number I was given cannot be transferred to me if/when I leave. Being a lawyer and wanting regularity of contact info, I opted to obtain my own phone service through Ooma. Unfortunately, that makes it complicated for their receptionist to answer my phone because the forwarded call can’t then be forwarded back to the originating number. So the only solution, as far as I can tell, would be to have 2 physical phones (handsets) in my office, which is stupid and would get confusing.

With that in mind, what I want to do is have both the Ooma service and Company X service connected through one phone (VOIP or analog) so that I can forward calls from my Ooma service to the receptionist and then the receptionist can easily forward to my Company X service.

Company X does not offer an analog telephone adapter (ATA) with their current subscription services. You can find these ATAs all over the internet now, but they’re useless without connectability.

I have scoured the web to find a VOIP handset that would allow 2 VOIP service providers to send calls to the same VOIP handset but I have come up empty-handed. I assume this would require >2 Ethernet ports with (probably) 2 different MAC addresses. On top of that, both VOIP providers would have to support the handset.

What, if anything, would be my solution besides running 2 separate handsets?

Not entirely clear on what you’re trying to do but I’ll run these scenarios by you to see if they fit.

When you’re out of the Office you can configure an Ooma Office extension E to forward to number X so receptionist R can take the call (unclear if system X allows R to transfer calls, say back to E or to your cell).

Then when you’re in the Office and receive a call on E, if after talking to the party you next wish to transfer the call to X, you can do so by doing a transfer (blind or supervised) to an Ooma Office Extension V which contains an External Number device which forwards to X.

On Ooma Office you can also create a ring group which rings both E and V, either simultaneously or in sequence.