Had to buy another ooma unit. Major problems.

Power down your modem. If it has a backup battery, disconnect the battery.
Power down the Ooma Telo. Disconnect all cables from the Telo
Connect a LAN cable between the LAN jack on the modem and the “To Internet” jack on the Telo. Do not connect anything to the “Home” jack.

Connect a telephone to the phone jack on the Telo. Do not connect to your house wiring.

Power on the modem and wait until it has completed synchronization with your ISP.

Power on the Telo and wait until the Ooma symbol is blue. If there is an outstanding firmware update waiting for the Telo this could take up to an hour and at least one reboot would happen. Do not try to help it. Leave it untouched until it is online.

Once the Telo is online pick up the phone and check for the Telo musical dial tone.

This is what I got from “ooma”
Follow this…

"If you can increase the wireless channel to either 6 or channel"

Here are the ports that are needed to be open in your modem/router : UDP 53, UDP 123, UDP 514, UDP 1194,UDP 3386, UDP 3480, UDP 10000-30000, TCP 110, TCP 53 and TCP 443.

Easy for them to say.

Had to pay to get an expert.
Then had the same friggin problem.

Then had to connect hardwire with the Ethernet. Seems to be OK at the moment.
Would prefer wireless so I am stuck with a cable not being able to hide.

They were trying to say that channels 1, 6, 11 are the best channels to use since they don’t overlap but you have to scan the channels to see what your neighbors are using.

Those ports do not need to be opened in the incoming firewall. They are to be opened in the outgoing firewall but most home routers either do not have an outgoing firewall or if they do it defaults to off.

Cordless phones in the 2.4 GHz band and microwave ovens can interfere with WiFi which is also at 2.4 GHz.

Time I posted an update. Thank you all for your valuable comments.
MMmmmmmm. Well, since all the last set up are things any better?
For a short while Yes. Now, not so much. However, not as bad or so often. Long distance or local calls experiencing the same garbled conversations. Most of the time I have the Ethernet plugged in, when the conversation becomes garbled I unplug it and goes to wireless. Again, at times it works but most of the time have to call back to whom I am speaking to.
Now I limit my calls and most of my friends are aware that I might lose them. Getting used to it. Yuck.
What am I expecting in the future? It is great when it is working, not expensive, still frustrating. I shall live with it for the time being.
Voip or landline?

OP here.
Still not having any luck with my unit.
I spoke to the help line yesterday. To which they can not do anything for me. My call was escalated up. Spoke to them yesterday At $1 a minute on my cell phone. Which is only used as an emergency. They said they would call me back within the hour. They did not. Spoke again this morning to the help line. Also the same asked me to call the escalated help line again. Which will then make the cost to get my phone fixed about $40.
Does not matter how many times I re boot my router and ooma unit absolutely nothing makes a connection.

I think unless suddenly it works I have no option to go to another company which will not give me a crackling line, a one time simple connection when I make a call. For every call have I make I have to re boot the ooma unit.

This has been nothing but trouble since I went to ooma. The cost is great but what use is it to me if I can not use my phone.

A very, very unhappy customer.

Why not temporarily take the Telo and a phone to wherever your router is just to verify that the problem is wireless connectivity? If it works fine plugged right in to the internet router/gateway you can get an ethernet cable of just about any length from the major electronic stores (Best Buy, etc.) or online.

Yes, thank you. I have done that. Now waiting for an expert to come over. More cost on a supposed cheap VOIP.

Looks like I will have to buy another ooma box.
However, I did get an extended warranty.

Lets see. If they ship from California that will mean a 3-6 week wait. As Canadian Customs will hold it for that period.

Well, that was easy. A phone call to ooma and they are sending me a new unit.
This will be my 3rd unit. Hope it is better than the last two.
Wait and see how long it takes to get here. Expect a 2-3 weeks without a phone. Canadian Customs.
I was hoping that I could buy one locally and be re imbusrsed.
That way I would not have to wait 2-3 weeks.
Not much else I can do, unless anybody has any suggestions.

For testing purposes, can you not relocate the Telo closer to the router so you can use the ethernet cable that came with the unit?

I purchase my ethernet cables for a good price at Monoprice. You should check it out if you need a 25’ cable.

Thank you. However, I did get a longer Ethernet cable. My unit is toast.

Received the Tracking number. The problem is it is being shipped UPS.
This should be interesting as most of you probably know that UPS to Canada from USA have horrendous extra charges.
So far it is still in California.
Will I ever get a decent working phone soon? Do not think so.

What a pleasant surprise. Received the unit today via UPS. No charges. Now need to get a service Tech or Friend that has a computer with an Ethernet port.
Hope to be hooked up by tomorrow at the latest.

The initial report was garbled audio which generally is not a hardware problem, but now you’re saying the unit does not work at all anymore even on a wired connection? It doesn’t go blue?

That is correct. It remains a flashing Orange/Red. Tried re-setting, unplug everything. Tried usb wireless only, Ethernet only and using both.
Hopefully, have everything working today or tomorrow. This will be my third unit.
Will keep you all updated.

Which blink pattern in https://www.ooma.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=20074 is it? Does it have solid green/blinking amber link lights on the To Internet port?

I am getting a solid green. With a continual red flashing light in the centre of the unit.
Very, very frustrating.
I will be very surprised it ever works.


Now up and running. “ooma” have supplied me with a new unit. Had to order a new Ooma Wireless + Bluetooth Adapter for which “ooma” will reimburse me.
Now will make several calls and see how the reception is.
More to follow.


Mmmmmmmm. So far I would give this 6/10. Still getting garbled messages. Sometimes it is OK. Still have to disconnect and re set modem. Frustrating.


Improving. Garbled messages are not as common. Improving, 7/10.
Customer service is really non existent.
If you have online conversations. Pretty much useless. Really a band aid for simple questions. Plus the calls are timed and they have to pass you on and you have to start from the beginning again. They say you will have to call there live conversation.
Escalated to somewhere else with a live conversation. If you do not have any working phones this is pretty much useless.
I will say that it is a cheap. Then , you get what you pay for.

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