Had to buy another ooma unit. Major problems.

I have been trying to get connected to my new ooma to replace my last one that did not work properly.
Dropped calls, incoherent voice messages.
Garbled voices when talking to callers.
So I had to buy another unit.
Trying to hook it up has driven me bonkers
I have spoken to their Chatline. No satisfaction what-so-ever.
ooma keep telling me to call them. Duh, how can I call them when my line is down.
My cell phone is for emergencies @ 50cents per minute. Not feasible.
So far I have spent 7 hours trying to get this resolved and what do I get from them now…

"If this can not be resolved we will try again in 3 days" What are they talking about 3 days to solve my problems.
I obviously do not have a phone.

Any suggestions from ex-ooma users as to which company they changed to.

If you want to transfer an existing Ooma account to a new Telo, Ooma customer service has to do it. You can’t do that yourself online. Maybe you can find a pay phone in your area to make a toll-free call to customer service. I know, pay phones are hard to find these days. :cry:

If your cell phone company is charging you 50 cents a minute, you need to find a different prepaid provider.

Buy an Obihai unit (110, 200, 202) and switch to Phonepower. They have an offer that is $59 per year.

My parents have had Ooma for 2 years and I just hooked them up this weekend with the Obi. Call quality had gotten so bad they had stopped using their home phone.

Said calls so far with the Obi have been “pristine”.

Thank you for the fast replies.
I was talking to them on line chat. Telling me how to hook it up. Which cable goes where, etc. Nothing worked.

Yes, the cell phone is expensive. Mostly use it for text messages.

Thanks I will research the Obihai unit.

I am not sure what you get for $59. I am guessing that it is a prepaid promotional contract just for Obitalk users. Their website offers a no contract plan for $19.95/mo. and a one-year prepaid contract for a hundred bucks. Plus you have to pay govt. taxes and fees like Ooma.

I noticed that you posted in the Office section. If you are using Office, the Obihai service plans and hardware may not be comparable.

Opps . Thank you will need to post in the correct section. My Bad.
I was so frustrated needed to post to get help.

Latest update…
Have had the new unit running since Saturday.
First thing Sunday morning and it was disconnected. Called the on line help.
They checked my line and said I had a few glitches.
Monday tried calling Florida, line was terrible. Had to reboot and got a so so connection on my second try.
Phoned the help desk and they did some testing.
Has been sort of OK since then.

Would I recommend ooma? Not at this moment in time. Going to give it a few more weeks. See how it works out.

Have you tried without wireless adapter? With wireless results differ per environment.

No I have not. Would need 25` of Ethernet cable.

I think Tom meant, as an experiment, to move the Telo where it can be connected with the included cable, to test it out for a while and see if that solves the issue.

If the adapter/Wi-Fi environment is the issue, I suggest trying the Linx wireless jack instead of using Wi-Fi. I use three of them and they work fine for me.

Yes. Thank you very much for that information.
I have the Linx wireless.
How would you suggest I link up to the Linx.
Please and Thank you.

Instead of using Wi-Fi to move your Telo next to your phone, you would wire the Telo to your modem and/or router with Ethernet and then plug in the LInx next to your phone.

If you have the authority to access the wiring in your dwelling and you have a telephone jack near your router, another option would be to separate the outside phone line from your house wiring. Then you could plug the phone cord from the Telo into a wall jack and you would have dial tone at all of your wall jacks. This is usually pretty easy to do, but is a bit more complicated if you have phone company internet instead of cable.

Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. Tempus Fugit.
I will try both suggestions tomorrow.
However, what I do find is that if I reboot the ooma unit it is good for a day or so.
Otherwise, still the same problems.
Thank you.

That’s definitely not normal. My Telo is connected by Ethernet, and it has been so long, I can’t remember the last time I needed to reboot.

It may be that you just have a bad environment for Wi-Fi.

I wondered that myself. However, both my wireless computers are fast and never a problem.
I am curious if I hard wire to the Ethernet how it will be.
Find out tomorrow. If that turns out to be fine how will 30-40` degrade the system.

Hard wired is always better than wireless. It’s a dedicated link with no interference from your “wireless computers”. If a wireless computer has a transmission problem the data is just resent and you are unlikely to notice. With VOIP there is a time dependency on data packets. They must be processed in the correct order or the audio stream would be gibberish. Missed packets are discarded which will degrade the audio stream if there are a lot of them.

With a quality LAN cable the connection can be up to 300 feet long.

Hard wired with Ethernet cable. From my modem to the home on the back of the ooma unit. Did not make any change. Then I thought that maybe I should reset the ooma modem. Made a difference. Time will tell.
Will keep you informed.
Fingers crossed.
Thank you.

Are you sure about the connection? Ethernet cable should be run from the modem to the internet connection, not the home connection.

Thank you for that.
This morning I unplugged it from Home to Ethernet. Also did a reboot at the same time. After 20 minutes did not reboot. No connection. disconnected the ethernet from the ooma modem to which it then booted up. Plugged the Ethernet into the “internet” on the modem. Tried to dial out, get a dial tone but no ringing tone. Plugged it back into the “home” and back to working again.
Perplexed to say the least.