General Mailbox

There really needs to be a change with the voicemail feature. I can’t believe the virtual receptionist voicemail has to go to an individual’s personal voicemail. There should be a general mailbox instead of one person having to field multiple voicemails that may not be related to anything at all for them. It kinda gives a “kitchen office” feel to someone when they call to speak with accounting or purchasing and they get the voicemail of Jim in sales. This is just a common sense feature…if no one answers the main number the voicemails should go to a general mailbox. The way ooma does it removes individuals ability to have a personalized message on their voicemail if the virtual receptionist calls have to forward to them. Maybe RC has spoiled me, but this one is just basic. There are other features I think ooma’s service should have, but this one is a must.

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