Forwarding Question

So I would like my Ooma to ring 4 times and then if I don’t answer to forward to my cell.

I don’t see a way to do this.

Am I missing something?

Sequential ring on inbound is currently not supported on residential, only on Ooma Office. Both support simultaneous ring. On residential we do support sequential ring on outbound using the Ooma Safety Phone.

I understand your point, and my biggest reason for getting an Ooma was to get back the OneNumber service I used to have with Qwest (the old Mountain Bell and now CenturyLink). It’s a major feature.

I find more and more callers are impatient. if you haven’t answered by the third or fourth ring, they hang up. I wouldn’t want this feature because after it takes me several seconds of fumbling in my pocket and answering my cell phone, they would have hung up. I guess you could tell your important callers to let it ring. Unless it is important, I try to hang up before it goes to voice mail.