Forward Voicemail to more than one email address

OMG. I just found out that I can only forward VMs to a single email address. This is the prime reason I subscribed to Premier and now it’s too late to turn back. Seriously, this is a fundamental feature that, frankly, I’m shocked is not supported. It’s such a simple concept – when no one is home, everyone in the family should have the ability to see/hear a VM remotely. PLEASE CONSIDER ADDING THIS ASAP.

Above the save button bottom left

Hit add and you can add as many people as you want.

I have voicemail forwarded to myself and my wife

Good luck

I believe 3 is the limit.

This feature is not available in Ooma office.

As an alternative…

I don’t know what email service you use. I use office 365, and what I do is set an inbox rule (use OWA not Outlook so it runs even if your computer is down), set the rule so that when a message comes in from the Ooma address that it forwards to a group/list and put whoever you want in it.

I don’t know that all mail systems will let you do rules, but some will …

On receipt from Ooma mine forwards to me, to my wife, and sends my wife an SMS (since she doesn’t read email regularly).