Features that Ooma office should include.

I wanted to make this thread so people can really post what features should be added to ooma office.

Ooma office should include:
-blacklist feature
-ability to ring an extension automatically, then afterhours go to virtual receptionst autmatically.

Support for HD2 Handset
Support for Bluetooth plug in device and bluetooth headsets
More than one email for voicemail notification
Easier system to call in for voicemail

  1. Voice Mail for Oooma Office that is manageable online like you can for an Oooma Telo (and Google Voice, Comcast, etc) This should be a benefit of a “user”. Ability to see and archive messages online.
  2. Voicemail to text (like Ooma Telo and Google Voice)
    3[)[Ability to eliminate voice mail box for “users” at a discount. Good for temporary workers using a general phone or an extension placed in a convenient location. Ability to assign extensions to multiple linx (for same reason). Ring Group without being billed for additional extension would also suffice.
  3. General Voice Mail Box (maybe for Virtual Receptionist)
  4. Routing of Phone calls to a general mail box or virtual receptionist when all lines are being used so we don’t miss any. There should never be a busy signal.
  5. Operator Status Widget or “App” that can tell us who is calling, who is on hold, what extensions are being used, if voice mail is waiting, etc. This might also be a little hardware device that loops through your phone extension (a little box that sits next to your phone with an LCD display).
  6. Voice Mail indicator to phone hardware (Telo can do it)
  7. Call Cueing – letting someone who is calling know we will get to them, – this would go along with receptionist dashboard widget.
  8. Pick up Remote Extension — If I am at my wife’s desk and my phone is ringing, I should be able to put in a star (*) code and pick it up at her desk.
  9. User Selectable Greeting - ability to select from multiple pre recorded greetings easily.
  10. As another poster said – hold button on phone is actually a hold button for Ooma.
  11. Dedicated Ooma phones that work with their system (so we don’t have to use "* codes and get status updates on the phone). (Like what Telo uses)

Dear Ooma, please help fix these requests. Blacklist feature would be great!

Blacklist please!!

Blacklist, Blacklist, Blacklist

Since most callers now call from cell phone in car or on blue tooth we need option to send callers to an extension if no numbers are pressed. Maybe default to 0. Or, we need the ability to recognize voice commands for numbers. As of now we can’t afford to miss calls so we aren’t using the virtual assistant.

Wouldn’t wait that long, so just add your own device for a blacklist.


Yes definitely for Blacklist!!
Another feature needed is submenus for business hour menu. What I mean by this is the virtual receptionist has 1 business hour menu that reads one thing with the 9 # keys doing specific functions. This is great if you only need to reach 1 or two people but we have 1 key that needs to read another set of options that redirect to different people. Example: our business has the commercial division and a residential division. when ooma picks up the phone she greets the caller by redirecting to either division. If the customer chooses the commercial division they must press 1. When they press 1 Ooma says another recording of options such as sales, accounting & billing, general inquiries etc… These options all have different #s assigned to them to redirect the call to the right person. The problem is, we only have 9 different numbers that we can assign things to. It would be good if they could add submenus under the business hour menu and add a key function “go to submenu” to enable a new unused key pad numbers… I don’t know how businesses can operate on only 9 menu options… at least for us, it is impossible…

Linking our OOMA files to our web page for internet access of our digital messages.

We set the messages for our recorders using OOMA’s text to voice feature. That means that somewhere there must be a text or audio file. What we would like is to be able to link those files to our webpage so that when OOMA goes down (which happens all too frequently) we can direct callers to our webpage to get the information they so desperately want. There should be multiple ways to do that. We are flexible. Can we do this now?

Allow blacklisting from the HD2 handset. It is much too complicated and time consuming to blacklist a number. On my cell phone, I can do it is 30 seconds,