Features I miss from my old phone system

Hi there fairly new to OOMA, but so far two things I am surprised OOMA doesnt have:

  1. my old system had a different dial town (dial tone cut out 3 times quickly) when you picked up the phone and had a voicemessage waiting. Now I have to look for the red light flashing on my phone, its pretty small and not that noticeable.

2)shortcut to dial to retrieve voicemail. I think it was *99 on my old system instead of having to enter your phone number.

Other then that, it seems pretty awesome so far


I hadn’t really thought about it before, but those are two helpful feature that should be added plus one more: easy access to blacklist a number from any handset by dialing *-6-6-6 (easy to remember that you’re exorcising the devil spammer).

I think Bruce is referring to Ooma Office, which does not have the Blacklist feature.