Feature Request: Toggle Ooma office app phone function on/of

Currently to silence just the ooma office mobile app (and not my cell phone) I need to log into ooma, and disable the mobile app when I don’t want it to ring. I do the same thing to turn it back on. The hassle has meant that I’ve uninstalled the app rather than deal with my phone buzzing after work and on weekends.

Add a setting in the mobile app to toggle the ringer and call notifications on and off. Then I will actually start using the app.

The administrator can set Business Hours and different actions for calls within versus outside business hours, so calls can go straight to voicemail outside of the preset office hours if you want. But I agree, it would be great if individual users could control this from their phone apps.

We have our business hours set in the Virtual Receptionist section but my mobile app still rings when a call comes in. I would prefer if they automatically get the virtual receptionist first and if it’s urgent they can push 1 and get me. I don’t know if that’s possible though.