Fax Line Issues and Suggestions

Would it be possible for the engineers to work on the faxes? Currently though Ooma virtual fax line, you can only send one .pdf document at a time (or scan and save multiple pages in one .pdf). This is very inconvenient, as most of the documents I need to send are saved as separate .pdf files (I have mostly paperless files as a lawyer). With Ring Central I was able to send multiple attachment with no issue and could even send a fax via email. I’ve already ported my Ring Central fax number to Ooma but now I am reluctant to cancel my service with them since Ooma fax does not offer what I need.

Also, Ooma doesn’t provide a fax confirmation sheet that the fax was sent. This will not work for my field of business (as a lawyer) because I need to maintain confirmation sheets that certain faxes went out and what was sent with that fax. Again, with Ring Central, You are able to see the status of the fax, a copy of the fax (after being sent - with the fax information on the top of the documents - date/time/number/etc.) and I also get a email confirmation sheet letting me know that the fax went through.

I really hope that this issues will be addressed as soon as possible.