Failed to initiate pjsusa - Unknown error 320044

Long time Ooma Office user here, and I’m very happy with the service, even more so now that you guys have an actual VOIP APP!!! The app works very well - with quirks (like on my phone LG G2, incoming calls not showing properly, but DO come through), on the three phones I installed it on, but on the fourth it has an issue.

A big one: it fails to initialize after it logs in successfully on one of my employee’s phones. It’s a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, on T-Mobile’s network (This happens on Wifi as well)

failed to initiate pjsusa. 
Unknown error 320044

Apparently I’m not the only one, since the same error happens with several other folks on the play store with a Galaxy S5 on the same network. An iphone on T-Mobile registers and works fine, so I’m pretty sure it’s not just the network at fault here.

If I can help with anything, or logs of any kind (It’s not my phone, so this may be difficult to attain) let me know!