Extremely Poor Fax Service

Extremely disappointed in Ooma. Sent a fax to myself thru Ooma (uses web only, so my local Ooma Office hardware is not involved. Fax consists of 2 letter size pages and 2 legal size pages. When I received the loop back fax, the tops of pages were cut off and the legal size pages were chopped short, and the resolution was poor (noise?). I chatted with Ooma support and they escalated my call and said it was a problem with their network and someone would call be back. This was on Nov 5. No returned call. Also sent an email to Ooma Support and received a return reply that a response would come shortly. Now, it’s Nov 15 and no response. I had to temporarily sign up with RingCentral efax service to continue running my business. Today, I tried sending the same fax back to myself and the problem still exists, noisey and truncated.

Ooma this is not a way to run an efax service. Suggest you be more responsive. Still have to use RingCentral since you can’t resolve your own technical problems.

President, SV LLC

Do you have the premier service?

No. Premier service is only for home products. I have the business account.

Hey everyone, I finally discovered the problem - after struggling with Ooma tech support for 3 weeks. It took a call to Jamie Buckley (Ooma VP, Customer Support) who had one of his techies call me. Turns out that the Ooma vfax service ONLY works with std 8-1/2x11 paper sizes. I have a mix of 8-1/2x11 AND 8-1/2x14 forms for my business. For some reason, Nextiva fax and RingCentral efax can handle and mix fine, just not Ooma. So … had to drop Ooma for fax service and have the number re-ported back to Nextiva. Ooma’s vfax may be fine if you only need letter sized faxes. If you use legal size, you will need to go somewhere else until Ooma comes into the 21st century. Besides, Nextiva is half the price of an office extension as long as you don’t need over 500 pages per month (in and out).

I think that fax functionality with VoIP/web transmission is inherently flawed. Consequently, it will always be problematic. I’ve switched to an analog line and local fax server to obviate ongoing issues. Alternatives are the many e-fax options, I suppose.

There’s a fix for the Legal size issue in the pipeline.

Try Ooma Office virtual fax if you’re having problems faxing from the Office base.

My Ooma voice service works great but I was not able to get faxes from my fax machine to go through on Ooma despite multiple tries. The solution was to get a separate VOIP fax line from T38fax.com for $7 and works perfectly.