Looking at setting up Ooma Office and have a couple of questions before purchasing.

  1. Can a regular cordless phone like a Panasonic or Motorola Dect be used to connect directly to the base station without using a Linx device?

  2. If so, can an extension number be assigned to those cordless phones without using a Linx, so that calls can be transferred and routed through the office?

  3. If so, can those calls also be transferred/routed to an expansion base station on another part of the same network?

  4. Does anybody know when Ooma will be compatible with IP Phones, it will vastly improve business configurations? They have a good service, but business extension wise, it is seriously lacking. It needs IP phone compatibility.

  1. yes - the base has a phone port just like the Linx does
  2. yes you can assign an extension to the base phone port
  3. yes
  4. we plan to support a select set of IP phones

I hope that includes Telo users, not just Office. :slight_smile:

Regarding question 2, for the other cordless phones, besides the one connected to the base station, a Linx would still be needed, unless you are going to use the same extension number for all of the phones assigned to the base station.

Question #1, I want to connect wireless, NOT wired into the back of the base station.

example: I have 3 Cordless Motorola Dect phones and I want to register each one of these phones individually to the Ooma base station, without using a Linx device. Can I assign an extension number to each of those phones?

The DECT radio module in Office only works with Ooma devices (Linxes).

Are you sure about that? Has anybody ever tried it? Some people have been able to successfully pair Dect 6.0 handsets with base stations from other manufacturers.

You can only register Ooma devices to the base, not e.g. Motorola DECT phones.

That would probably void the warranty. :slight_smile:

that’s a shame, will have to revisit Ooma Office when they have IP Phone compatibility.