Everything works fine, light flashing orange

I setup my Ooma office a couple months ago. It is behind the router with a single corded phone plugged into the base station with no Linx device configured. Everything has worked fine but the light on the front of the unit has remained flashing orange (4 blinks then pause, repeat.) the entire time. I created a few chats with support that mentioned first that this should go away in a few days (obviously it didn’t) and then that it isn’t a problem because everything is working. I’m curious if anyone know what is going on with it or has seen this before? I’ve tried it on DMZ but this didn’t change anything.

Ended up being something wrong with the base station. While troubleshooting an issue with pairing a Linx, they determined this to be related to the issue and sent a replacement and the replacement works fine. Just posting this in case someone comes across the same issue someday.