I make a long distance call once weekly to my parents. I have just installed my Ooma machine. Local calls seem fine. My modem is upstairs and the Ooma machine contacts it via wireless. On the long distance call I hear an echo of my voice a short time afterward. My parents don’t hear this. I looked at the forum but didn’t understand what most of the people were saying. Can anyone help me since I am not too technologically savvy?

Solved by buying a new Panasonic Dect 6 wireless phone system at Costco March 2014. I have had an Echo since 2008, worse with some people I talked to than others. I combed the forums for a solution for years and tried many suggestions. Echo instantly gone with the new phone system. And … the phone system I replaced was also a Panasonic Dect 6! If you buy a phone at Costco and it doesn’t solve your problem, you can return it. I have had a number of phones with my Ooma Hub over the years. I still use the original hub. Haven’t gone digital yet. BTW- my daughter also has the hub and has never had an echo problem.