Easy implementation: CLICK-TO-CALL, from Contacts and Logs

It would be so appreciated to catch up with Google and Skype in what they have been allowing for a long time from their different suites e.g. gmail, outlook, etc.

User goes to their Call Logs or Contact pages On MyOoma, clicks on any number and Ooma rings primary or secondary number (as one indicates) to make a phone call.

The same way Alexa is intended to, but without verbal command, all from the comfort of your computer or mobile screens (start with computer).

October 2017 - Amazon Alexa is not working well with Ooma when it comes to understanding non-English names (first, last or display name) as one saves them in contacts section. This includes names in European languages common throughout the Americas, Europe, etc.

When you call customer service (Ooma) asking about this issue with Alexa/Ooma, you will be given Amazon’s Tech Support number, which is ironic, since Alexa seemingly understands various non-English names and pronunciations via other apps. There is space for improvement, as long as Ooma does not bounce the ball to Amazon. THIS REQUEST SEEMS EASY TO IMPLEMENT and I am surprised it is not available yet for it would strengthen the value of Ooma Premiere.

Very competitive landscape in North America in regards to free calls: T-mobile, AT&T, Spectrum Time Warner, etc. Alexa now allows you to make calls in North America (MX, US, CAN, PR) for free simply using Echo, bypassing Ooma. Not really sure why Echo Connect is being promoted (Twitter) to Ooma Telo users.