East coast server

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The receptionist at our office has been complaining about audio delay for quite some time. I haven’t heard any complaints lately, but she may just not be passing it on anymore. I have read about a new east coast server. Is that available/utilized for Ooma Office clients, or just Ooma Home (which we also have, but the delay isn’t really critical there- although we do experience it)?

We are in Canada and I’m assuming the route to the New York server would be much quicker than traversing to the west coast servers.


I want the east coast server, too. I posted this a couple of times and called Ooma but no idea whether this will be done or even whether I am already using the east coast server.

All I know is that people complain about the echo all of the time when I use my Ooma…I am now using my cell phone and dealing with its crappy quality because the echo is more distracting to them than poor audio quality of my cell. There is no echo on my cell. I can’t even hear the echo…just everyone else!

both moved

Thank you sir!

My Ooma is working great (don’t change anything!) but I am curious which server my account is assigned to.

When this “East Coast Server” began operation, were accounts automatically moved to it based on location or some other means?

Thanks in advance!

How can you tell which server you are on? I just started using Ooma and have the volume turned up the the highest level and the quality is still poor.

if I am not can I be? maybe that will help

thomasm: on WCS, see https://www.ooma.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=20676&start=20
timmedford : already on ECS
fleebailey33 : moved to ECS

I’m in Illinois and having call quality issues. can you move me to the east coast server.


We are also in Illinois. Can we be moved to the east coast server. Having call quality issues.


Have had a steady background hum on the phone since installation in Sept. Today a received call was garbled, difficult to decipher. Would you mind checking if we are on the East coast server. That may help. Thanks.

Having quality issues, drops, etc. lately. Can we be moved to the east coast server to see if it fixes these issues?
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could we please be moved to the east coast server also? located in Vermont, so it just makes the most sense. we do get dropped calls occasionally and especially poor connection when conferencing. thank you!