Dropped calls on transfer, hold and answer.

I’ve had some odd issues with Ooma Office and am having a hard time finding any documentation or troubleshooting information to resolve the issue.

Quick overview:
We have 3 extensions set to 1 ring group that rings all phones when a customer calls. All calls rout through the virtual assistant with the client only able to leave a message, check our specials or dial the ring group.

Issue 1: Occasionally, only one extension will ring on the ring group and when it is answered the call will drop. Subsequent call backs from the client recreate the issue until Ooma Office is reset.

Issue 2: When transferring a call from one extension to another we dial *1 and then the extension. Ooma will audibly say “call transfer” and then we hang up. Recently, when transferring a call Ooma has not given an audible notice and has instead dropped the call. Resetting Ooma has not resolved this issue it just seems to come and go.

Issue 3: When placing a call on hold by pressing flash, if the call is retrieved before Ooma rings back it drops the call.

If it wasn’t for issue 1 and 2 occurring with semi regular frequency (at least twice a week) then I wouldn’t even bother posting this. Issue 3 can be worked around at the very least.

If anyone has any idea of what is causing these issues I’d greatly appreciate any feedback.

As for issue 2 please try again now. This is a known regression for which I applied a workaround. I’ll get back to you on the other two issues. https://www.ooma.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=19087

As for issue 3. If you pick the phone back up before the hold reminder ring you will get dialtone. You need to press flash to return to the call onhold.

The fix for issue 2 was deployed last night.

Thanks for the info Tom. I appreciate it.

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