Don't drop your HD2 handset - it'll die.

While picking up my handset out of the cradle, it caught on the pins slightly and caused me to drop it on the desktop and then it fell off on the carpeted floor. I walked around the desk only to find the phone dead - no display. :astonished: I’ve tried pulling the batteries (and checked them with a voltmeter and tried a different set of batteries), and checking all the buttons to make sure none are stuck. Nothing seems out of order, but the phone is dead. There is no indication of any physical damage - it was a 30-inch fall to carpet! Calling customer support only informed me that accessories have no warranty and there is no repair service or anything! So a minor bump of the phone has killed it and I’m left holding a $60 brick! Oh, the customer service girl did offer to sell me a new one. :open_mouth:

So, anyway, be careful with your HD2 handsets. They are not built to any modern day phone standards and will die from a minor bump. I’d be interested if anyone else has experienced this or has a solution to fixing the broken wire or internal connection that must have come loose.

Follow-up. Since there is no warranty on the handsets, I took the phone apart to inspect for something amiss in the phone. It’s a single circuit board with surface mount components. The only wires are to the external (speaker phone) and internal speakers. The battery and cradle connectors are metal tabs soldered to the board. I did try powering the phone while apart and noticed that when connecting the batteries, the keypad lights would flash on for a moment. So at least I knew power was getting to the circuit. With the phone still partially disassembled, I put it in the cradle (no batteries) and noticed the keypad LEDs would flash. In fact they were flashing on and off. And when I put the batteries back in the phone came back to life. :slight_smile: I put it back together and it is still working. I’m not sure what I touched or moved to make it start working again, but I guess I need to treat this thing like something very fragile and not a typical phone. (Ah the old days when you could run over an AT&T rotary dial phone with a truck and it would still work).

I dropped one of my HD2 handsets a while back. Same situation - no lights, nothing. I pulled the batteries, then forgot about the phone for about an hour. When I put the batteries back in and put it on the charger, it came to life. I guess that the phones just “pout” for a little while when we are careless with them. Handset still works great more than a month later. I’m a happy camper! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wind knocked out?

If you read the Warranty, Safety and Legal Notices, at
your will see that the warranty is for one year for the HD2 handsets.