Does the Office have better voice quality compared to Telo?

The Office’s voice quality sounds better to me. I’m not sure if it’s in my head or if Ooma implemented something better.

Using a wired phone, compared but I couldn’t tell a difference. Both sound exceptional.

I’ve not noticed anything in the months we’ve been using it. Seems to be the same as our previous 2 Telos. Since early July though, around noon Eastern Time the quality starts dropping rapidly and folks on the other ends of call state our voices are breaking up. It seems to always be around peak hours so I’m assuming Ooma servers are needing some upgrades to cope with the West Coast coming online.

Ooma’s servers definitely need upgrades. I get periodic problems with my home Ooma (used as a business line) around peak times. My internet is still with a very good connection (120 Mbps down, 22 Mbps up, 8 ms latency, 1-2 ms jitter) so I don’t think it’s on my end.

Thanks Southerndoc, I seem to be having issues lately just like back in August when you posted. I’m wondering if it’s something others are also noticing, again. Thanks!

Yeah, we are noticing the same symptoms. After peak time rolls around, call quality gets awful. People on the other end claim they can’t understand us because our voices are breaking up. No issues with the network in our side, and latency/speeds are exceptional.

I really hope Tom from Ooma or someone chimes in with what is going on. It’s becoming very hard to keep Ooma at this point.

I’ve given up on Ooma. Upgrading their servers has been long overdue.

I’ve been using Ooma Home for about 4 years, my son who is in LA is considering Ooma Office for biz, but these comments about Ooma call quality and servers needing update are a concern. Is this still a major problem at peak usage times? At my own Oregon location I have not noticed that.

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