Disappointing Experience with HD2 Handsets

As a long time Ooma customer I have generally been very satisfied with the service. That satisfaction has been markedly reduced since buying 4 HD2 handsets. Several chats with technical support and replacement of the 4 original units with new ones has not resolved my problem. Specifically, sound quality with these handsets it very poor, bordering on unusable, especially when using the speakerphone function. With no apparent solution in site I have discontinued use of the HD2s and have returned to using Panasonic units which work a lot better.

I note a number of others on this site have experienced similar problems. I would like to know what plans Ooma has for resolving this problem. Will the HD2 be replaced with another model? Will I be provided with 4 replacement units when they become available? What is the time line for a solution?

Over the years I have sung high praises for Ooma to many friends and acquaintances. That praise is currently tempered by my experience with HD2 handsets. I look to Ooma’s integrity for a solution in the near future.

I would appreciate a response with clear answers to my questions.

Thank you,

Brian Ready

Support will be contacting you. For some context see:


I have another suggestion–get a Lynx and a two-line Panasonic system instead of the HD2s. Then you will have better sound quality and the instant second line feature if you also have Premier, that is. The Lynx works quite well for me. The Panasonic system I have also has a higher capacity for extension phones. You will need to free up one of your DECT slots if you want to use a Lynx since the max capacity on the Telo is four.