Directv genie and phone number display

I’ve seen the posts on getting the phone numbers to display on one tv hooked up to a genie and ooma linx. My question is do I need a linx for the other 2 tvs in the house that are connected to regular dvrs and whole home networked to the genie? I know they don’t need to be connected to the phone to be usable, they are wireless internet for that. But to get a phone number displayed, do they each need to be connected or will the genie “share” the information with the other dvrs? I’m not a tech genius, just trying to figure everything out.

I have the Dish Hopper system with only one DVR. It uses Joeys instead of Genies. However, the DVR box does send caller ID to the Joey box, so I am only using one Linx to get onscreen caller ID across the network. The Joeys don’t have phone ports.

I have a phone line connected to my Genie server. I don’t get the caller ID info shared with other DVRs on the network. I do get caller ID info on my two Genie mini clients though.


So have the linx, it’s active and usable. Plugged phone cord from genie into linx and nothing. Caller ID option is on. It’s plugged into the phone port on the genie. Does it need to be a different port? Do I need to reset the genie? When I plug a phone into the linx it works fine.

Hard to say why it is not working. That caller ID capability on DirecTV DVRs is flaky at best. I have an HR44 now but back when I had an HR34 I could not get it to work. Loooong story short there was no ground on the incoming coax. Once I rectified that it started to work. Go figure. I have no idea why that mattered.

The Dish installer who did my Hopper upgrade was lacking in knowledge and “went off script” during the installation. He did not even know about the optional Hopper local broadcast antenna module that is available on Amazon. I found out from him how low the hourly pay was, so maybe the turnover is high. Everything works properly (I had to set up the Wi-Fi), but I found the official, professional, Hopper installation training video on Youtube that shows how the home visit should be handled. Bottom line, you have to do your own research to get the best results.