Directory listing

The promotional literature for Ooma business promises a directory listing, but I can’t find any elaboration.

Does this mean a listing just for on-line directories? Or does it mean a listing in my local phone book?

This is a make-or-break issues for me; my business needs to be in the white pages of my local phone book!
Directory Listing is included. To me, this means local physical pages. After sign up, you can call customer service to make sure you are added to directory listing.

I just got off the phone with Ooma customer service and the representative told me Directory Listing is a “future feature” and is not yet available. Once again another misrepresentation of what the product offers.

I think customer service is misinformed.

The reason I was asking – I switched my home phone to Ooma last year and had the same concern about losing my listing in the local printed phone book. I enrolled in several services that promised to list me in the white pages. It was partly successful – several on-line directories have me listed, but I’m definitely NOT in the local printed phone book any more.

I can live with that for my home phone, but it’s a deal-breaker for my business.

I called my local phone company and they confirmed that their printed phone book only listed their own customers, never anyone else!

I’m more than satisfied with Ooma for my home phone, but I’m appalled that they would mislead potential business customers on a matter that can be so critical to their survival!

“Our customer service agents can help you add your business to directory listings” – sure they can try to be helpful, but if it’s something that they cannot deliver, Ooma should never use misleading language like this.

Where I live (SE PA) Verizon stopped publishing residential white pages several years ago. The Yellow Pages are published by a third party.