Description for Faxes

Hello, I recently have purchased Ooma Office for my business. One of the main features I use with this system is sending faxes. I have found it to be increasingly difficult to keep track of fax information, even with the fax log, because there is no simple way to differentiate between each of the faxes. This sort of functionality is especially important when faxes show up as failed or still sending, and you can’t tell which has yet to arrive or still to be sent when you’re sending 30-50 / day. I would think this would be an easy adjustment with the addition of a “Description” box when you’re in the “Send Fax” stage, and then another column on the fax logs. This would make sending and tracking faxes so much easier and plausible if this functionality were to be implemented, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to see this happen.

Let me know if anything has been thought of / beta tested, or if this is something that would be considered, as I may have to look for a different system if it is not.

Thank you!