Data Rate Loss with Alternate Modem Hookup

The alternate hookup method for Ooma telo is recommended to give phone usage priority over internet activity. This connects the cable modem out to Ooma telo Internet jack, and Ooma telo Home jack to the “system” (my router’s modem input). This works, but causes major losses in download and upload speeds. My tests were run using various servers using My cable internet provider is Charter.

As an example:
Ooma telo connected as shown in Quick Start Guide Step 2. Test to server Suma Fiber in SLC:
Download - 24.43 Mbps, Upload - 4.32 Mbps, Ping 46 ms

Change connection to Alternate Method, use same server:
Download - 13.35 Mbps, Upload - 0.48 Mbps, Ping 46 ms

Download was reduced ~45%, and upload ~89%. Ping time was the same. Is this performance loss expected? Or is this a problem in my specific telo?


Did you configure the QOS settings in the Telo? The default values assume it is connected to DSL.
Set the down stream to 0 (disabled) and set the upstream to 80% of your actual measured speed.

I didn’t make any changes, but i will try your suggestions and report back. Thanks.