Connection problem

I just replaced all my Comcast boxes with their X1 boxes. I now have intermittent connection problems such as:

  1. On incoming call, sometimes when I pick up and say hello, there is no connection. If caller calls back, everything seems normal.
  2. I called my cell. The Ooma rang busy, and my cell kept ringing normally.

These are just 2 examples. I checked and re-checked connections. Is there some connection between the Ooma and my modem or my router or the Comcast boxes?

Ooma worked fine before the Comcast change.

I wonder if a firewall setting may be blocking?

Possible address conflict?

I have been experiencing similar intermittent problems for the last 3-4 days without having made any changes in my telephone system configuration. Problems persist even after rebooting the Ooma Telo (first device behind my cable modem).


  • Normally I hear four rings before an unanswered call goes to voicemail – now I’m hearing three full rings and a truncated third ring.
  • I pick up to answer a call and frequently get “dead air.” It seems the caller is usually directed to voicemail.
  • On one occasion, I made an outgoing call to a commercial business’ number and heard only “dead air” once the ringing stopped.
  • I normally receive notification e-mails when voicemail messages have been left, but this did not happen yesterday evening.

After a “problem call” (dead air), I can follow up with a call using my cell phone and there’s no issue.

I consider my Ooma service pretty much unreliable in its current state. Will see how long this persists before investing more time troubleshooting / seeking support.

As follow-up, my latest voicemail notification via e-mail arrived 74 minutes (one hour and 14 minutes) after the call.