Configuring router for best call quality

I tried putting my Ooma base station upstream from my router but it caused some of my remote services to fail (I have to do some port forwarding for a remote office connection and that stopped working). So now I have the base station behind (downstream) the router. It works, but I want to maximize call quality even when there is heavy internet usage elsewhere on the network.

Where do I find information on how to best configure my router? I’m not looking for instructions specifically on how to tweak my specific Netgear model’s settings – I’m looking for general instructions on what I should do. For instance port forwarding, or port triggering or something along those lines. This seems like it should be in the Help files online but I can’t find anything.

The QOS (Quality of Service) settings in the router are used to configure the priority of the devices behind the router. What is your internet speed? If the speed is high the QOS settings are not necessary. I have 30 Mbps down and 6 Mbps up. My Telo has been behind my router for 6 years and I have QOS in the router disabled.

My speeds are the same as yours, however I frequently use the internet heavily for cloud syncing of large files. So it wouldn’t surprise me if much of the bandwidth is taken.

I just got this Ooma device and I haven’t experienced any issues – but I’ve barely used it. I’m trying to safeguard and preserve call quality down the road since I’ve had issues with other VOIP services dropping out.

Since it’s simply impractical for some businesses to put the Ooma upstream from the router, I think there should be some general guidelines when it’s behind the router. I’ve seen competitors provide this type of information.