Configuration for Cisco 2960 switch ports

We recently got Ooma office. We have Cisco 2960x switches and a SonicWall firewall with gigabit fiber internet at one location, and the same setup with starlink at another location. Both are having trouble with outgoing voice quality.

For a while we had Cisco 2960 switches that we didn’t manage (from the ISP and former phone company) while we were transitioning and Ooma seemed to be fine. Once we installed our own Cisco 2960’s the problems seemed to start.

We initially started with a QoS configuration on the switch that was trusting COS, but realized hat Ooma seems to be using DSCP QoS tags. We have reconfigured to that but are still having connections that sometimes are garbled. Using “show mls qos interface gig xxx stat” I can see from the switch that it is seeing and passing packets with DSCP 46 through the switch, keeping the packets and tags intact.

Can someone post a known good port configuration for a Cisco IOS based switch?

Does anyone have any other ideas?