Community Black Lists Blocking my Simplisafe Monitoring Cntr

If you have Simplisafe or other Alarm system that uses C.O.P.S. Monitoring (800 633 2677) be WARNED. Yesterday we accidentally set off our alarm walking out the door. I went back in and turned it off and waited for the call from the monitoring company that never came. They did call my back up number (my cell phone) and was able to cancel the police response. They told me when they called my home number they got a blocked number message from Ooma. After troubleshooting with Ooma last night and disabling the Community and Expanded Block lists, they can now get through to my home number. Was very surprised the tech at Ooma I was “chatting” with on line could not access Ooma’s list of numbers on either list. Was told I’d get an email in a few days on the issue. Now I’m going to have to choose between all those robot calls and my alarm company until (if?) this gets resolved…

It looks like there is confusion from some recipients who get called from this number:

Nomorobo has a feature that allows users to report a valid number that should ring through. I just reported the number as valid, and received a message back stating that the staff will be reviewing the request to have it removed from the list.

If you don’t have an account, then choose a different provider (besides Ooma) when setting up your new account. If the site prompts you to set up your phone number with the account, you can just ignore the prompt.

Premier subscribers can disable the Community Blacklist, while still using the Expanded Blacklist (Nomorobo).

(Note that there is a separate forum for Ooma Home users.)