Colored text to I D Premier Features (suggestion)

I’m a NEW Ooma user, and as a new user this is what I have found. New users to Ooma are learning Ooma for the first time and looking at different sources of information throughout the Ooma website. Reading about the features is sometimes confusing as to what is basic and what is Primere. Some pages show them separated which is good, but some pages within your web site and “My Ooma” a customer has to carefully read the documentation as to what is Basic and what is Premier. Whenever a feature is available only through Premier the text should be shown in “green” or some other color. If there was a general heading on each page saying “All Premier Features are in Green Text” people would instantly know, if they need Premier. Where there is an overlap of features (like caller I. D.) the different colored text would make it easier to understand just what value(s) Premier adds. This is just something to consider, I’m very happy with your product.