clicks every few seconds

Calls are clear on my end. But the other caller i’m talking to can hear clicks every few seconds. The other party says it sounds like I hung up on them. :question:

See I applied the same change to your telo as posted in that thread on 12/19. Let me know if the clicking has gone away.

Clicks are gone! thanks!

Did you turn off Ooma pure voice?

Pure Voice is still enabled. It’s another parameter that collects jitter data.

Prior to this change were you able to reproduce the problem (the remote hearing clicks) on literally every call?
And you’ve now tried a few calls and no clicks on any of them?

Yes. My wife has made many calls. The clicks are removed.

I’ve upgraded your telo to a newer release. Please retest for clicks.

I too have this problem. I can tell it is an issue when I am on web meetings as it shows me talking even though my phone is muted. I have also heard it when I call home from work. It has been there quite a while and just now getting around to looking into it.

Do I need to do something to get this fixed?


Please try again and see if the clicking has gone.

It appears to be fine now. Thanks and sorry for the late reply.

I had this problem a few months back and it was resolved. It seems to have returned in the last week as people that I am talking to report a clicking noise every few seconds but I cannot hear it on my end. What do I need to do to resolve this.

The problem we know of should be fixed in 77309, the version you have, but went ahead and upgraded your unit to the latest release.

My phone still clicks every few seconds on outbound calls only. Only those on the other end can hear it. On inbound calls it is perfect for both parties. I have unplugged the modem and Ooma Office unit and brought both back up but still have the problem.

I have checked all outbound calls for the last three days and everyone hears the click or clicks approximately every 10 seconds. Yesterday I brought my telo unit from my residence and installed it in my office in place of the office unit and it works fine with no clicks. As in my previous post I had this problem late last year and it was resolved but has returned a few weeks ago. When this started happening again I installed a new Docsis 3 modem, changed phones, and had Comcast out to check the cable. Note that this only happens on outbound calls. Any help would be appreciated.

When making a call from your Office unit to the Residential unit, do you hear a click every 10 sec on the Residential side? How about when you call from Office to your cell?

Yes, when I call either my cell phone or residential phone the clicking is still there.

please try again and let me know if the clicking is still there

I just tried both my cell and home and the clicking is still there. This weekend I will take the office box to my residence and set it up from there and see if it still clicks on the outbound calls. I will post what I find out. Thanks for the help.

I took the Office box home over the weekend and set it up in place of the Telo and it works fine. Both the Telo and Office boxes work from my residence with no clicking problems. I bring both back to my office, set the Telo up first, and it works with no clicking problems. I take the Telo offline and in place install the Office box, reboot, and again the clicking problem returns. What can I try next.

Curious results. Just to try I reverted the Office unit to the previous release. Please retest both in your office and at home.