Cisco 303 IP phones do not work

I ordered two Cicsco IP phone 303 from the US to Canada where we are testing Ooma office. When they finally arrived they would not connect to our Ooma system. I phoned support and was very surprised to find out that only phones purchased from Ooma will work with Ooma because of the firmware they install. I’m glad that is not also true for analog phones.

I asked for a copy of that firmware, but they refused to send it. I would take any risk of installing the firmware myself. They said it could brick the phone, but that has not been my experience with official firmware in the past.

This is very disappointing. I am still trying to test the Ooma system to see if it works for our office. I was assured I was being refused the firmware because Ooma does not want unhappy customers. I think there is a more likely reason. Does anyone have any suggestions for making these phones work?

Unfortunately you cant use them. I was going to do the same thing you did but I called and spoke to Ooma first and they explained to me that I couldn’t. I wound up ordering 3 of the phones and they work great. Just bite the bullet and order a few.