Cisco 303 IP phone (looking for port's used)

Configuring a Sonicwall TZ-105 firewall. Need to know what ports the new Cisco IP phones use (not the base station) so we can optimize quality of service. The customer service representatives keep sending me to forums. Please provide guidance. Thanks.

I’m curious. Why are you on an Ooma forum asking about a Cisco phone? :question:

Because Ooma sells Cisco phones for Ooma Office and this is the Office Forum. I wish Ooma would offer IP phones for Ooma Home as well and I am not the only one.

Okay. Sorry, I’ve got egg on my face. :smiley: I didn’t pay attention to which forum I was looking at. But, I did learn something. I was not aware that Ooma sold Cisco phones for the office system.

I think most businesses want IP phones because of all of the features. I am glad that Ooma offers that option for offices, but for those who work from home, it would be a nice option.