Cisco 303 compatibility

I purchased Cisco 303 and Ooma base station from Amazon in USA(currently I am back to India) and started setting the unit. Base station is configured but Cisco phone is not working. After digging in to more I found that I am not the only one who is facing this issue, so many who has CIsco phone already with them is facing this issue as well who bought the phone from other vendors other than Ooma.

Now, this is really sad, I thought to replace my current voip provider by Ooma and add more users to it, but sadly I might need to stick to the old provider only. That being said even if I thought to purchase Cisco phone from ooma, they guys dont deliver to India, another sad news.

Now, being technical person I asked support team to tell me if I can upgrade the phones firmware to make it compatible with ooma base station or any other changes I need to do. I am damn sure that there must be some workaround and that can be done manually to make it work, but no body is helping and giving satisfactory answer, end of the day it seems like that they are ready to lose few customers without providing any solutions, as per discussion this has been told to them by many customers in past still they dont have any solution. Sad, but true.

Please let me know if you got any workaround here to retain your customer before I move to another provider