Checking voicemail from call forwarded number

I have been trying to call and check/answer my voicemails using the same number that I am using as the forwarding number on an extension. I was under the impression that if I pressed the forward tab and check the box ‘require digit key press to answer call’ that it would allow me to do this from that number.

It is not working though. Instead it is disconnecting on me after one ring. I called support and their answer to me was to call using a different phone number…I hope that is not my only option. Not many people carry 2 phones on them and that kind of removes the convenience of this system if I have to stop at a payphone or find another line in order to check my voicemails.

Please help. Not sure if this system will work if this is the case as we planned on doing this with all of our employees but as mentioned above it defeats the purpose if everyone has to find another phone to call and get their vm’s.

If you don’t have enough time to answer your multi-ring’ed cell phone, increase the VM pick up time (I’d have it set to 5 rings).

If you call your Ooma number using your cell, you should be able to get to the part where Ooma VM picks up so you can enter in * to get into your VM. Make sure your cell is not on your personal blacklist and make sure your cell is not calling out with number blocked (if you have anonymous call reject set, would have issues

It is set to 4 rings. The issue is when I call to check the vm it disconnects after one ring and does not give me the option to get to the vm and enter any password or anything like that. I will check the blacklist but I have not added or touched that and the number is not private either. It is doing this because its forming a loop basically (supports words), its forwarding the number back to the number I am calling on and forming a loop. Usually it would go straight to vm when it realizes I am on that line but its not, its just disconnecting.

Support has said that they have something about level 3 support looking into it.

Until I test it, I won’t know if there is an issue with “forward all” but if you “multi-ring,” meaning ring your Ooma as well as your cell, for sure you can call your Ooma and get to VM no problem. Try that. Also, set to 5 rings.

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