Charged 19 Months for an Account I did not know I had

I just discovered that we have been charged approx $26.59 for the past 19 months for an account I set up that long ago on what I thought was a 30 day trial. I kept the Ooma hardware, which I had purchased. Apparently if I had returned the physical device and asked for a refund they would have stopped charging me.

I do use Ooma and have a base station and four Linx stations for a total of five lines. I have been using it for years. For the money you can’t beat their service. That is a given.

However, to find out that they were auto billing my credit card all this time for an account that was NEVER EVER used is very disheartening. I did call just now and the service people told me they would give me a credit for 6 months of service and cancel the account.

My problem was that our bookkeeper had no idea those charges were not legitimate.

Not to be a complainer or anything but… I am complaining.

Anybody testing out a second device with the idea of possibly adding extensions or using it for faxing beware that the 30 day trials DO NOT END automatically. You have to call them to cancel or they WILL continue to withdraw money from your bank or credit card. Not quite a Wells Fargo scenario but close.

Sean Carney