Change presented callerid to Google Voice #

I use a GV # to connect to different phones and systems: SIP, Skype, Obi, and now Ooma.

When I use any of the other services, my GV # is presented in the callerid. My partners (business and private) know this # and that it’s me who is calling. When someone calls this # the Ooma phone also rings now and I use some of the GV features, like sending known spammers directly to the business signal, black and white listing etc.

I use the Ooma now at home since the call quality is allegedly better and I did not have time to verify this as a fact, but I have no doubt that the newer hardware in the ooma beats Obi’s. I connected Alexa with the ooma so that any family member can verbally ask the Echo to dial a number, then pick the phone up that is closest to them. Really cool!

But I dislike enormously that, when we call out, the Ooma number appears on the callerid which none of our callees know. I also don’t want them to use the Ooma # since a call to this number only rings at home, while the GV # rings everywhere and the most interested part of our family takes the call since they see who is calling. I wished that they call the GV # and we pick up at home if it is a private call or somewhere else appropriate through the callerid of the caller. Or that spammers are sent directly into nirvana without even ringing anywhere.

Concluding. It is better to present to the outside one number only since people are forgetful and store only one # into their respective devices and not 2 or more, where they have to decide if they want to call us private or everywhere. ‘Everywhere’ works just dandy for us.

Please catch up with the other providers and enable a different (but verified) caller id to show when calling out from the Ooma.


If you have Premier service, you can activate Google Voice Extensions and your Telo will send your GV number as the outgoing call. You can still use GV with your other devices. Like you, I use my GV number as my main incoming number and have it ring on an Obi202, two cell phones, and one of my Telo boxes.

As an aside, I’m surprised that you find calls to your Telo to be better quality than the Obi. I find just the opposite to be the case with my equipment. With the Obi I experience less latency and fewer instances of DTMF talk-off. I also like that I can have all 3 of my GV numbers set up on the Obi - each with a distinctive ring.

This is the Office forum, so if the OP has Office, Premier would not be an option.

I hope the addition of the east cost servers improves the voice quality for Ooma. I experience great call quality when speaking with my Obi friend.

Sorry. I missed checking which forum I was responding to.