Can't update payment information

Hi!, my credit card expired and need to update credit card inofrmation. this error appears whenever i update it. “There was a problem updating your credit card. Please check your information and try again.” everything i entered is correct but i keep receiving this message. Please help. Thanks!

This issue appears to be completely unresolved. Are there any OOMA forum admins who can get some action on this?

Hmm, I updated mine yesterday to replace an expired card. I ran into two issues, but eventually it made it through. The first problem was, I use 1Password for all logins. So, when 1Password recognizes I’m filling in a form at, I can select credit card and it auto-fills everything (except my zip code.) But, for some reason, the Ooma form didn’t like the pasting of the 3-digit CCV. That happened twice, as I have two Ooma accounts, so it wasn’t just a fluke.

But, upon submitting the form, it was rejected for something like “Can’t confirm your credit card info.” In the (new) credit card form I had on the screen, there were two fields for first name and last name. They were pre-filled with my name as it appears on my Ooma account, which uses a short version of my first name. The credit card I was entering used my full legal first name, so I knew that wouldn’t fly. So, I had to go into my Ooma profile, change my name to my full first name, and then fill in the new card all over again.

So yeah, that was fun! :cry:

I have a Telo, but I also was not able to update the payment information online when I got a new credit card. I called Ooma and the representative took my cc info over the phone.