Can't Receive Faxes from the IRS?!

Working with the IRS is frustrating enough, but last week, Ooma’s fax service amplified the frustration to something almost unbearable. In short, after working with an IRS phone agent for 30 minutes (after waiting on hold for 45), she promised to fax me a very important letter, required by my bank to settle an estate. We hung up. Two hours later, still no fax. So, I called the IRS back (waiting an hour for a live rep) and then spent 40 minutes on the phone trying to get the fax. Every time they attempted delivery, it timed out in about ten minutes with an error, “ring but no answer.” We tried and retried for about an hour. [To everyone else waiting on hold for an IRS agent, I apologize.] Yet, when I asked somebody else - my local financial adviser - to fax me, it came through instantly. Finally, out of desperation, I LIED TO THE IRS, and told them that my financial adviser’s fax number was actually my own because, you see, for reasons of privacy, the IRS is prohibited from sending faxes to a third-party fax machine. Nor can they send an email. WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!! “Yup, I’m standing right here at the fax machine.” <LIE!> Thankfully, they bought it and the fax was received, and then it had to be re-sent to me, so it’s not a pretty copy.

This is so serious and so repeatable that I don’t feel confident relying on Ooma’s fax service after this. I hope my story is somehow helpful.

I’ve been using

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