Can't cancel account

I spoke to Ron today - who kept talking over me, confused as to the product I had. Told him not to cross sell me or anything - I just needed to cancel as I’m moving to a house with no internet/phone line. Finally he said he had submitted the cancelllation and something else. I asked him to repeat it and if I could have a reference number and he just hung up. I called back. Spoke with a new rep - was supposedly getting transferred and here we are 15 minutes later - still on hold. I was planning on coming back when I could - but now reconsidering it strongly!!!

Get a virtual credit card number. Most credit card companies have this for one time safe buying on the internet. Have a $1.00 limit and change your account credit card to it. When OOMA tries to charge your account it will bounce. After several bounces OOMA will cancel your account.

I have been trying to cancel my Ooma service since May. Ooma support “chat” tells me that this can only be done by phone, speaking with a specialists. Well, you can’t get a specialist on the phone in order to speak with them so that services can be canceled. I’m stuck in a loop…

This has been going on since May. :exclamation: :cry:

I am disputing all charges since May with my Amex and sharing my story with all of you. Buyer beware. This is an inept customer service system at best or purposefully difficult to manage at worst.