Can't call out- OOMA has been working for 2+ years

I have been using OOMA in my vacation home for over 2 years now.
An ideal service since you cannot call anywhere that would result in a charge.

The house is not used a lot in the winter but now that summer is about to start I was testing things and the phone cannot seem to call out.
When I call into OOMA using my cell phone, the phone rings once but doesn’t actually answer the phone.
I tried power cycling OOMA a few times but doesn’t seem to make a difference.
I have both and older wired handset and a wireless handsets but neither can make outgoing calls.

Maybe the OOMA has failed?

Internet is fine as I’m filing this via the same port. And OOMA is able to connect and goes all blue.

Any suggestions?

Check if your Ooma works okay with a phone directly plugged into Ooma’s “phone” port.

Power cycle your modem/router too.

Make sure the Ooma Telo “Do Not Disturb” (envelpe) button is not yellow, on the face of the Ooma Telo.

Your logs today show some short successful outbound calls. Issue resolved?