Can't access calls logs if date range starts > 6 days ago

For more than a week now, when attempting to access call logs using a date range which starts more than 6 days prior to the current date, the call logs return empty and sometimes also throw the error:
“Sorry, an error occurred while trying to load the page. Please, try again later.”

I have contacted Ooma support more than once.
I contacted them via chat, telephone, and e-mail.

Each time Ooma support repeated the suggestions that I switch computers and/or browsers.
Each time I point out that we have a wide variety of computers and browsers to choose from and that we tried all of the combinations available to us.
To wit:
More than one Mac using
OSX + Firefox
OSX + Chrome
OSX + Safari
OSX + Opera
More than one PC using
Win7 + Firefox
Win7 + Chrome
Win7 + IE
Win7 + Opera
Win7 + Safari for Windows

We have also cleared caches on these browsers, cleared cookies, and reset browser settings–on more than one computer.

We have gotten the same behavior when connecting from AREON and from residential ISPs.

Does anyone here have any suggestions which could help us?
Either by

  1. offering a solution to the issue itself or
  2. by telling me the trick to getting Ooma support to move beyond asking us if we have tried another browser/computer

What date range? Don’t you just have the option of how many to show per page such as 100?

The date range has changed over the days.

The end date is the current date. The start date is a date which is longer than 6 days ago.

So, for today,
the date range which WORKS is 09/13/2014 to 09/18/2014, 09/14/2014 to 09/18/2014, 09/15/2014 to 09/18/2014, etc

the first date range which does NOT work is 09/12/2014 to 09/18/2014, 09/11/2014 to 09/18/2014, 09/10/2014 to 09/18/2014, etc

Today date ranges tested which begin at a date which is further in the past than 09/13/2014, for example 09/11/2014, return no records and sometimes an error.

I hope that clarifies.

And no, there does not appear to be a choice of how many records to display at a time.
It seems to default to 15 records per a page and then adds as many pages as are necessary.

Oops. Was not thinking office.

Ooma Care Support has started forwarding my case and correspondence to their web team.

But if anyone has any suggestions in the meantime, I am all ears.

The web team has thrown in the towel and are now able to take my ticket out of their queue.
They are blaming unknown settings on the three diverse networks we have tested this on.

I have discovered that stepping through the logs day by day instead of searching by date ranges yields records I had not been able to access previously.

There are still some gaps for two of the extensions where records are inaccessible–perhaps missing.

I am in the process now of collating the several .csv files I downloaded to generate our logs for the calls for the month.
Every month we’ll be assembling the logs into a single log for our records.

I have written to Ooma Care Support asking for copies of the records which I cannot access.

The entirety of the help offered by the support team was that we should try a different browser.

We are a helpdesk who spends a fair amount of time troubleshooting browser issues.
But before we even contacted the support team, we had tried the web logs on multiple browsers on multiple machines using at least three different networks ARE-ON, Cox and ATT.

The work around which we use is to create a ticket with Ooma Support each month to have them e-mail us our logs.

The format for the logs they send us has changed from an actual csv format like this

“Date”,“Duration”,“Direction”,“Local Number”,“Remote Number”,“Carrier”
“2014-10-01 00:19:04”,“2”,“Inbound”,"##########","##########","##########@itsmb.ooma.internal"

To this:


It looks as though every comma and every space was converted into a semi colon.

Not nearly as useful as an actual csv file.

Another department on campus has approached me about using Ooma as well.
At this point, I cannot recommend the product to anyone who has a need for call logs.

:smiley: The logs under the admin page have worked consistently :smiley:

Admin page > Home tab > Call Logs

Thank you very much!