Canada: Expansion Base Unit

We recently purchased ooma office for a small business in Canada, but are facing some technical hurdles.

There are 3 floors which must have ooma office phones.
4 in the basement
2 on the first floor (cash desk)
at least 1 on the second floor

After consulting ooma tech support and testing signal strength with the office base unit we already have, it seemed that the best solution to connect all three floors was to purchase an ooma expansion base unit. That would allow us to set up the original base station in the basement, and the expansion unit on the 2nd floor, with the phones on the first floor (cash desk) connecting to the 2nd floor expansion unit.

Unfortunately, after failing to find any retail stores selling the expansion unit in Canada, I called ooma support once again… only to be informed (for the first time, after several calls to the ooma tech line) that the expansion base units are not sold in Canada, and would not work even if we were to get our hands on one! (Is it region locked? that seemed to be what the tech support individual was implying)

The solution offered by ooma this time around is to purchase a second office base unit, pay for a second account/subscription, and collapse the two accounts into one whenever the service is brought to Canada. This is not an ideal solution at all, as this would mean multiple numbers, and the entire idea behind switching to ooma was to have an accessible and connected phone system running out of one virtual receptionist.

So - is that truly our only option? a second account/office base unit? Or would the expansion base unit work if one was ordered in america, brought to Canada, and then linked to our existing office base station/ooma office account?

Any alternate solutions and/or answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated. Ooma seems like a great service, and we’d love to stick with it, but this issue with the expansion base unit has thrown a real snag in our plans!

The Setup page on the Canadian Ooma Office site does not show any support for expansion units, so it appears that tech support was correct when stating that it is not supported for Canadian customers: